Bring this pet AT-AT walker home, you know you want to

The life-size models are too big anyway

Want a pet but don’t like the hassle of feeding them and cleaning up after? Then this is the solution for you, a remote control AT-AT.

The pint-sized walker will only need nine batteries and it will walk, flash lights, roll over and etc, almost like your very own dog.

How much is it, you ask? It is only US$130 (around RM560), which is much cheaper than buying a puppy in a kennel and it's guaranteed not to leave behind messes. You don’t even have to worry it not listening to you as you only need to push the joystick or buttons on the remote and you will get it to do whatever you want to do. Heck, even name it like how you would name your puppy or kitten.

Just to make it feel more authentic, paint it, colour it or even dress it up to take selfies with. Or just use it to distract you until the latest Star Wars film comes out.

[Source : Gizmodo]