OvRcharge levitates your phone while it charges

Finally, an actually cool wireless charger

When wireless charging was announced, it sounded cool but in reality, it wasn't particularly exciting. Instead of inserting wires into your phone, you just charged it on a dock. The OvRcharge wireless charging dock, however, actually looks impressive.

What the dock does is suspend phones via magnetic levitation. OvRcharge not only suspends devices but charges and rotates them as well.

Once the charging is over, the device will still keep the phone levitating and rotating in the air, until you take it from the dock. The dock itself is made of wood and can levitate phones that weigh up to 600g.

There are two variants, one rated at 500mAh and another at 700 mAh.

If you're keen on one, the Kickstarter campaign is still ongoing, and right now you'll be able to get an OvRcharge for C$239 (S$245). Head over to the Kickstarter page if you're keen on having a floating phone.

[Source: Digitaltrends]