Overwatch makes it easier for you to go pro

If you're really good, it'll be easier to get noticed and there'll be more opportunity for you to show off

Overwatch is fast becoming an e-sports haven and Blizzard is working on making the path to becoming a pro easier.

More visibility

The Overwatch League is the goal for e-sports players and it’s not an easy one to reach. What Blizzard is starting off with is expanding Overwatch Contenders, the development league, to cover the whole globe and not just China, South Korea and Asia-Pacific.

There will now be Contenders leagues in South America as well as Australia, meaning there’ll be global participation and of course, competition.

For solo queue players, there’s still a chance. When the Contenders season ends, the leading four Open Season teams in each region will be invited to compete in the Contenders Trials, likely guaranteeing a spot in the next season.

What does this mean? That even solo players might have a chance without needing to cobble together a team each time just to prove your prowess.

[Source: Overwatch League via Engadget]