OUYA takes Android gaming to new places with Everywhere

That TV of yours just might be running OUYA games
OUYA takes Android gaming to new places with Everywhere

The OUYA console might have gotten generally lukewarm responses but that hasn’t stopped its makers from making plans. A new console isn’t one of those plans. Instead, OUYA is heading the software route with the OUYA Everywhere project.

As to how OUYA Everywhere is going to work, according to OUYA CEO and founder Julie Uhrman, it could even be integrated into TVs. The whole idea is to bring Android gaming beyond the confines of OUYA's own console and onto other devices. Details are scant at the moment but a deal is about to be announced with at least one manufacturer within the next two weeks.

This doesn't mean that OUYA is getting out of the hardware business though. According to Uhrman, a refresh of the OUYA console will have at least a better performing chipset but expanding the OUYA platform beyond its console will make it a lot more appealing to developers. To date OUYA has 675 games on its platform, 100 of which are exclusive to the platform itself. 

Stay tuned as we keep track of the ongoing developments on OUYA Everywhere. Who knows, the next time we see OUYA, it'll be on that new Samsung TV of yours. 

Source: Slashdot