Orée's wooden touch pad won't leave you pine-ing for something more stylish

We're sorry, we couldn't resist the pun, but the Touch Slab would definitely take out some of the stiffness from a dreary workstation
Orée Touch Slab

A far from wooden experience

Orée Touch Slab and Board

The Touch Slab is only part of Oreé's stockpile of tree-derived peripherals. There's also the Oreé Board, which has this in common with the Touch Slab: both are made from single pieces of wood. The wood is hollowed out to insert a circuit board and sealed with, yes, more wood.

Why a Touch Slab in the first place? Its maker claims it can sense any gesture the Apple Trackpad can and is about the same size too.

You get a choice of two woods — Maple and Walnut — and you can use it with any Windows 7 or 8 and Mac machines with Bluetooth. Also an option is being able to personalise your device, for an extra charge of course. This will ship on Oct 21 and you can preorder it for €150 (roughly RM650). 

[Source: Wired]