Oppo’s confirmed that THIS is how a part of its N3 smartphone will look like

From what we can make of it, the leaks going around are partially wrong
Oppo’s confirmed that THIS is how a part of its N3 will look like

Oppo recently told us to keep 29 October free for one of its events, and considering the fact that invites have been circulating for the Oppo N3 launch sometime in October, we’re holding out for the N3’s arrival in Singapore on that day and Malaysia sooner. 

Launch date aside, there’s one thing we need to set straight – there’s been an image of the purported smartphone making its rounds on the Internet, thanks to GSM Arena. It may look stylish and pretty to you, but we’ve got to crash your dreams – that’s not how it’s going to look.

Oppo’s sent us a sneak peak image that shows just part of the back of the smartphone (obviously it’s not going to show the whole thing off as yet, if not there wouldn’t be the element of surprise) and looking at it, we can confirm that parts of the speculated design is misleading. 

Here's a fact..

Oppo’s confirmed that THIS is how a part of its N3 will look like

The most obvious difference is the bulging cylindrical camera module bit on top – the image Oppo provided us shows a flushed camera module, one that seems very much like its N1 mobile phone.

Just as speculated, the camera module looks like it houses a dual LED flash, as well as the possibility for it to rotate (we know you selfies/wefie lovers are going to dig this feature). It also appears to be made of metal, or a material that looks like it.

Not much else can be made out from the snap, but rumours have detailed that the unit could have at least a 5.9in display and be slimmer than its predecessor. We’ll be one of the first few to get our hands on it in Singapore, so mark 29 October in your calendars for the official details. 

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