Oppo teases public with official images and specs of the R7

The Oppo R7 isn't all that exciting, we can start looking at other brands now

Recent rumours of the Oppo R7 got people excited about the possibility of an edge to edge, curved screen but recent releases of the official images and information of the R7 has left some feeling a tad bit of disappointment.

Looking at the official rendered images of the device, it's now safe to say that the curved display that we have all been hearing about is nothing but a rumour. That doesn’t mean that it may not be for a different phone model, so keep your fingers crossed.

Regardless, the Oppo R7 will have a traditional looking display with bezels. It does feature a 2.5D effect but there is no actual edge to the display. The R7 may not be the phone that we were all expecting. But it does have some plus points to it, such as the design of the phone is very slim and sleek, crafted with metal and what seems to look like a glass rear.

Note that the camera is not jotting out of the back of the phone, which is usually the case for such slim phones. This may suggest the camera’s capability to be similar to the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the HTC One M9, but we are not really sure.

One more thing to add to the plate is the company’s own VOOC fast-charging technology which will be integrated in the R7. This is really good news as the technology is revolutionary in smartphones as we depend on them more, the less we would want to be tethered to a charging cable.

[Source: GSM Arena]