Oppo Reveals A Render Of Their Smartwatch And It Looks Like Another Apple Smartwatch

This seems to be a trend

The Apple Watch must be doing something right if not just Xiaomi is copying their style; Oppo seems to be doing the same thing with their upcoming smartwatch based on a render they revealed.

The Vice President of Oppo shared the first image of the Oppo smartwatch which showed that the device will have a square screen with curved edges and two buttons on the side. The buttons are the biggest difference from the Apple Watch, which utilises one button and crown.

There also seems to be a hole on the side which leads us to believe that it will have a microphone as well to make calls with.

There's still plenty of questions to consider; will it use eSim? Will it have its own Watch OS? How much will it cost? How many similarities will it have to the Apple Watch? We'll likely find out more once the smartwatch should is introduced in Q1 2020, likely at MWC 2020 in Barcelona.