Oppo R11 set to go global soon

Oppo's latest phablet due to arrive very soon to our shores

Seems Oppo's recently launched R11 is making its debut outside of China, launching in Taiwan 21 June and has apparently passed Sirim certification in Malaysia.

Dual-camera mastery

What's the big deal about the latest R11 when there has already been the R9s? Well this time Oppo will be showing off the rear dual-camera setup on this phone.

Usually Oppo has been more about their high-megapixel front cameras but this one will appeal to those who want an impressive camera in the rear as well. The phone will come in two versions, a standard R11 and a larger R11 Plus.

It will run on a Snapdragon 660 with 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM - a nice midrange combo. You will still get the signature 20MP selfie camera on this phone though which should appeal to Oppo's rather large fanbase, judging from the consistent large crowds Oppo draws to its many events.

So stay tuned for news on official pricing and availability once it comes to this part of the world.

[Source: GSMArena, Soyacincau]