OPPO’s Foldable Phone Patent Suggests A Blend Of Two Smartphone Innovations In One

Could this be the company’s grand entry in the foldable phone race?

OPPO has been in the highlight as of late thanks to its previous launch of the OPPO Reno series locally and across the world. However, the company has been tight lipped regarding its own take of a foldable smartphone after showcasing a prototype during MWC 2019 back in February.

Back in February, Dutch tech website LetsGoDigital had previously uncovered a patent filed by OPPO from October 2018 to the Global Design Database of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) of a foldable phone equipped with a telescopic camera. The website believed that rather than a zoom camera, the patent might be suggesting a pop-up camera reminiscent of OPPO’s Find X or F11 Pro instead.


Based on the patent, LetsGoDigital created visualised renders of the alleged OPPO foldable smartphone with the MWC 2019 prototype’s outward folding design as reference. Just recently, a new patent from OPPO included new production renders of the foldable phone which surprisingly was closely similar to what LetsGoDigital had visualised.

The OPPO renders showcases the alleged foldable phone to fold outward to a tablet format with a pop-up camera on the top left half of the housing. Its camera system suggests a double camera setup with a flash, and could function as a main and selfie camera by utilising both sides of the phone in folded mode. Thanks to the addition of the pop-up camera, you can expect generous screen estate in folded and unfolded modes due to the lack of notches.



Being merely a patent, it's still hard to say if OPPO would actually debut their foldable smartphone based on this design. Regardless, the brand has been known for being competitive in smartphone innovation, we might actually see more interesting features added in the final design. Even a Pivot Rising Structure with a 10X Zoom camera perhaps?