OPPO Unofficially Enters The Foldable Smartphone Battle

OPPO's foldable phone originally planned for MWC 2019 reveal but was pulled back

The battle rages on. Samsung and Huawei have revealed their key players for the foldable smartphone war, and we eagerly await for other competitors to place their cards on the table as MWC 2019 goes on throughout the week. Interestingly enough, sources have reported that OPPO was to unveil their foldable phone during the event but has decided to pull it back and focus on its 10x lossless zoom technology instead.

Thanks to leaks found on Weibo, images of OPPO's supposed foldable phone has surfaced online. Interestingly, the yet-unamed foldable phone does look somewhat similar to Huawei's recently revealed Mate X - down to the side grip where the camera setup is located. Perhaps its similarity in design was a factor for OPPO's decision to not showcase it during MWC 2019?