Oppo Find X2's 30W Wireless Charging Will Only Work On Their Own Charging Base

For others, it remains slow

The biggest complaint most people have on wireless charging is that it can be really slow at up to 15W, which is why manufacturers have been working hard on making wireless charging faster. This was one of the key points with the Oppo Find X2, which would come with 30W. But as it turns out, this is only possible with Oppo's own wireless charging base.

Some leaked screenshots of the wireless charging settings from the OPPO Find X2 had been released, revealing that the Find X2 will only support the OPPO wireless charger for the 30W speeds, which really isn't that surprising given the technology involved. This will obviously be the same for the Find X2’s wired 65W charging needing its own charger — which will of course be included in the box with the phone.

To recap, Oppo officially announced the new 65W SuperVOOC flash charging technology and 30W wireless VOOC flash charging technology at the VOOC flash charging technology communication conference last September. Oppo has claimed that the 30W wireless VOOC flash charging technology can fill 100% of the 4000mAh battery in 80 minutes. It is compatible with QI standard, supports 5W and 10W charging power and integrates the VOOC isolated charge pump technology pioneered by OPPO.

With the launch of the Oppo Find X2 delayed, we will have to wait a little longer to get more information such as price and availability here in Malaysia. If you do intend to get the Find X2, you're going to need to get Oppo's own fast chargers if you want fast charging.