Oppo finally swivels into Malaysia with the N1

The N1 isn't the only smartphone Oppo is bringing in either
Oppo swivels into Malaysia

It's an open secret that Oppo was coming over to Malaysia. After all we did managed to interview them recently and what dig up some of their plans are for Malaysia. Well they've finally made it official today launching not one but four smartphones, Find 5 Mini, the R1, Oppo Neo and the main star of the show, the Oppo N1, in the Malaysian market.

A phablet with a difference

Considering the amount of press time the N1 has gotten, we'd be pretty surprised if you didn't know anything about it. But if you do live in well somewhere, here's the run down. At 5.9-inches, the N1 is obviously a phablet and it's powered by a  1.7 GHz Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor with just 2GB of RAM. It's star feature though, is its now famous swivel camera module that packs a 13-megapixel sensor. We really won't need to say anything more about it here since we've already gotten our hands on it. So it's much better if you just read our review here. wh

So we know all about the N1 but about the other phones being launched?