Oppo claims its smartphones are Apple's nemesis

Neither is it really a Chinese company, says Oppo Singapore's managing director Sean Deng
Oppo isn't your average cheap smartphone maker, says local MD

Don’t pit Oppo against any of the Chinese vendors. That’s the message Oppo Singapore CEO and managing director, Sean Deng, wants to get across.

Deng gets confused why people associate Oppo with Chinese companies since Oppo Digital was registered in the US in 2005, and is wholly US owned. In addition, he claimed every single component of its smartphones isn’t made in China.

According to Deng, the entire DNA for Oppo is different from other manufacturers as other vendors see a gap in the market and target that market with their mobile offerings. But for Oppo, he said it makes devices based on what the customers need.

“We’ve had a totally different vision from the beginning. We want to establish ourselves as a high-end brand that generates premium products and components to match the high price on our mobiles. Of course we can make a $100 candy bar phone but we don’t take the easy way out,” he said.

He also highlighted that the supply chain model of Oppo’s is more similar to that of Apple than other Chinese manufacturers.  

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