OPPO Unveils Their FindX 5G Prototype Smartphone

A first in the Asian mobile market.

OPPO, one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers as well as China’s biggest mobile service provider, has released a look at their first 5G-enabled prototype. Utilizing their already established flagship smartphone, the OPPO Find X as a base, this prototype was unveiled at the 2018 China Mobile Global Partners Conference, which was held from December 6th to 8th in Guangzhou.

The OPPO Find X 5G prototype, was well equipped with a Snapdragon 855 processor and X50 5G modem. At the event, OPPO demonstrated the 5G data connectivity and applications through browsing, online video replay and video call using the Find X 5G prototype.


OPPO then completed one of the world’s first 5G signaling and data connections on a smartphone in August and became the first company to complete a 5G Internet access test on a smartphone in October. In its latest 5G milestone, on November 30th, OPPO made the world’s first multiparty video call on a smartphone via 5G network.


Levin Liu, Head of OPPO Research Institute, stated that “OPPO will drive the advancement of 5G together with AI, Big data and Cloud Computing (5G + ABC), making smartphones and smart devices true ‘intelligent personal assistants’. We believe that rich 5G application scenarios and killer 5G applications will emerge in the future, bringing disruptive experiences to users.”

We may not be sure on when 5G technology will finally come to consumers, especially to us in Malaysia. While this may be just be a prototype, OPPO has definitely beaten the curve with this latest unveiling. Hopefully, their competitors will keep up with this latest development.