Oppo Private Conference Showcases ColorOS 7, Enco Free, Invisible Camera And 5G Router - To Hit Malaysia Soon

They are also helping to spearhead 5G connectivity in Malaysia.

Oppo recently held a private conference called the OPPO APAC Strategy Launch Conference, which is exclusive to the Southeast Asian media.

In the event, they erected the Oppo Innolab, which is an exhibit of the company's future technologies, most of which are enabled by the long-awaited 5G connectivity. Anyway, here's a quick recap of the most interesting things that were shown and delivered to us.

Working Together To Realize 5G In Malaysia

To put it bluntly, 5G is the logical next step after 4G or LTE, but implementations of the connectivity in Malaysia has yet to hit the mainstream note. Oppo announced in the event that they are strategically partnering with multiple companies and corporations to truly make 5G a reality here in our country.

ColorOS 7

It was only a couple of weeks ago that we watched Martin Liu through the live stream announcement of the ColorOS 7. He was here in person today to reiterate the new features of the ColorOS 7 in his keynote, which includes:

- Three-finger Screenshot 2.0

- All-day Dark Mode

- Icon Customization

- New and dynamic wallpapers created by real artists

- Refined audio quality in collaboration with Epic Sound 

Oppo Enco Free

The Oppo Enco Free true wireless earphones were reinforced. There was some buzz going on about this and we finally managed to score a unit for reviews. So stay tuned to know if it's worth your cash.

Unfortunately, the product isn't officially launched yet so we don't have any information about price and availability. But we're confident that it will be available soon in Malaysia.

Oppo 5G CPE T1

The Oppo 5G CPE T1 is a product that can convert 5G mobile networks into stable, high-speed WiFi signals. It is effectively a WiFi router that doesn't need a wired modem. But it would need a SIM card to activate (and power of course).

The 5G CPE T1 is Oppo's foray into business expansion beyond smartphone manufacturing and its first 5G consumer equipment to be commercially available. But since 5G has yet to be mainstream in Malaysia, this product might take a while to come in. Until then, we wouldn't know how much it would cost either.

World's First Under-Display Invisible Camera

Where's the notch? Where's the punch hole? Where's the pop-up unit? Where's the front-facing camera???

Oppo showcased a revolutionary tech, which is the under-display invisible selfie camera. We are guessing that in the race between the smartphone giants - to see who has the best screen-to-body ratio, Oppo has decided to show off its prowess by completely hiding the front-facing camera right under the display. And it still works perfectly

By doing so, the smartphone is finally 100% free of any screen obtrusion and the dream of a bezel-less display can finally be realized. 

To truly discern the camera, you have to pan it around under bright light just to get a fine glimpse of it, which is aptly positioned to be flawlessly discreet. This serves to prove that Oppo might have just pushed the display technology a step further.