Opinion: Why it's probably time to uninstall Snapchat

The reality is that Snapchat's competitors have taken its best features and made them better

When Snapchat first came out, it became a hit among teens and chronic sexters. The rest who weren't avid Snapchatters knew what it was, but quite a few of them couldn't figure out how to use it in the first place.

There are better things to do with your phone

Why were people keen on Snapchat in the first place? The promise of ephemeral pictures, to be up for short moments and disappear, was a gimmick people liked. It fed the urgency to check your media feeds, thanks to that fear of missing out.

The reality is that if you're willing enough to put a picture up online, part of you might want to keep that picture for posterity. Time-limited snaps became a passing fad though Snapchat had another feature: selfie filters. Sorry, Snapchat, you're not the only kid in town now. Facebook now has selfie filters and there are plenty of apps that also do the same.

Snapchat stories? Well, now you have Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories and now even WhatsApp has Stories too. Apple has its Clips app which lets you take video you can share via social media as well as your favourite messaging apps.

Unless Snapchat is your only social network and your friends aren't on anything else, Snapchat is pretty much irrelevant to anyone already on Facebook or Instagram.

Let's not forget that the features other apps borrowed from Snapchat are much better implemented than Snapchat. While Snapchat is still difficult to figure out for some people, Facebook and Instagram have improved on their usability ratings, making it easier for new and current users to adapt to changes and new features. Everyone is doing Snapchat better than Snapchat, it seems.

In the end, it's going to boil down to who has the bigger reach and Snapchat's niche is far too small to really bring in big names or influencers. So if you barely touch Snapchat or your pool of Snapchat people is far too small, then maybe it's time you think of downsizing your social media. Let Snapchat go: you probably won't miss it.