Opera's mobile browser gets video-boost upgrade

Maybe this time you'll stop maxing out your mobile data cap
Opera's mobile browser gets video-boost upgrade

If you needed a reason to download Opera's mobile browser, what about faster videos? The new Opera Mini 9 browser has a special video optimisation mode which reduces the size of video data, thus shortening buffer time.

Opera Software CEO Lars Boilesen certainly knows how to sum up the annoyance of watching mobile video:  “Video snags are a small problem, but an annoying one — a pothole on the internet highway. And Opera fixed it.”

Opera's mobile browser gets video-boost upgrade

How does it work? Opera's Rocket Optimizer engine from its Skyfire engine helps reduce data stream sizes which is handy as studies have shown mobile video took up 53 per cent of mobile data traffic last year and could possibly top 69 per cent by 2018.

Opera's own surveys in five markets this year showed that mobile data consumers experienced a lot of video stalling, with 40.8 per cent of US mobile video consumers experiencing stalling across 2G, 3G and LTE networks. Those in India have it worst: 73.3 per cent of videos played on mobiles experience some form of lag.

To turn on video boost in Opera, just switch to Opera Turbo mode and turn on video optimization. It will also display how many videos have been optimised by the app. Besides the Opera Turbo mode, the browser also offers its full-on Opera Mini mode to compress data to as little as 10 per cent of its orginal size and standard browsing for full website compatibility.

The app also has a revamped data-savings gauge, extra Speed Dial shortcuts options as well as support for the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus phones.

iOS users can download the app for free from the App Store.

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