Opera Mini for iOS gets a long-awaited facelift

Now, you’ve got the power to choose from three different modes of data compression
Opera Mini for iOS gets a long-awaited facelift

If you’ve been using Opera Mini on your iOS devices and have been long holding your breath for an update of any sort (no changes have been made to the software since 2012), you’re finally going to sigh of relief.

Opera Software has finally launched the new Opera Mini 8 for iOS, giving its browser predecessor a complete makeover.

The web browser company claims this is its biggest update yet, showcasing a fully iOS 7 (and higher) compatible flat design. For you, this means a better look and customisable interface from a range of preset themes for when vanilla Opera gets too boring.

It’s also enabling you with a new web surfing mode – in the past there was only the standard, uncompressed version (Data Savings Off) and a compressed Mini mode (Opera Mini). Now, the third option you can play around with is called Opera Turbo.

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Spoilt for choices and features

How is this option different from the other two, you may ask.

The Opera Turbo mode saves slightly less data than the Opera Mini mode, but offers better website compatibility, making it what Opera Software says to be the “ideal browsing mode for most users” (you can set the different modes as you see fit).

One more new feature is Opera’s new Discover feature under the Speed Dial banner. You can choose content you want from a wide range of topics such as sports, tech or arts, for example, and the feature provides a curated list overview of what’s available online.

However, we’re bummed that you can’t bookmark sites you’d like to monitor.      

There’s also a new QR reader (which we think is a trend that’s passed) that lets you scan codes straight from the browser. Now, the question that begs to remain is, if this upgrade’s enough to get you off Safari and on to Opera Mini.

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