Oops! One of Apple's telco partners outs an iPhone 6 poster

Right, so it’s almost set in stone that this is what we can expect from the next iPhone
An Apple telco partner outs an iPhone 6 poster

Take a good look at it. We’re pretty sure that this is what the iPhone 6 is going to look like, or at least, this is as close as we’re going to get to the truth about the device. That’s because the source that pre-released a promo poster of it was China Telecom – one of Apple’s largest telco partners.

The telecommunications company apparently released the poster on its official Weibo account yesterday, but has since taken it down; but not before Sina News grabbed a screenshot of it and posted it online.

Now, if this was any other ordinary leak, we would have advised you to have some caution in believing it but considering that it’s one of the more reliable sources around, there must be some truth in it.

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Going by what can be made from the most official looking promo shot of the iPhone 6, its design seems to sit in line with some of the other spyshots that have been previously leaked. So let’s just say that if this is what the iPhone 6 looks like, you’re not going to get the biggest surprise of your lives.

It’s most likely coming in three colour options – gold, black, and silver, since all three made their debut on the poster. In addition, according to China Telecom, it will support a range of networks including WCDMA, CDMA2000, GSM, CDMA1X, and two kinds of LTE networks.

Since we’ve already set out our expectations for it, we just want the announcement to be officially out from the lips of Tim Cook. 9 September can’t feel any further away right now. 

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[Source: Forbes, image: Sina News