This OnePlus Piano Is Made Out Of 17 OnePlus 7T Pro Units

That's one way to promote the 7T Pro

It looks like one of the ways OnePlus is promoting the 7T Pro is by... turning 17 of said devices into a piano.

Yup, OnePlus has announced a piano called the OnePlus Phone Piano and it consists of 17 OnePlus 7T Pro units that are arranged in a line to make it look like piano keys. The goal is to show how the OnePlus 7T Pro's 90Hz Fluid Display technology is so seamless that any pianists is able to play the OnePlus Phone Piano smoothly.

With that said, it's unlikely we will ever see the OnePlus Piano ever being sold. But those in the UK, France, Germany or Finland will get a chance to test it out thanks to a short European tour. The tour will also include Pianist Karim Kamar who will also be present to take requests and likely show the full capabilities of the 7T Pro.

The OnePlus 7T Pro is currently available in Malaysia for MYR3399 with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage and boosted by Snapdragon 855+ processor.