OnePlus One to finally be official in Malaysia come April 22

Maxis exclusive carrier at launch, no news on other retail channels

Well, took them long enough. OnePlus finally announced on its user forums that Malaysia will officially get the OnePlus One this April 22.

Late to the party

For OnePlus enthusiasts, a fan gathering will be held on April 24, two days after launch. Users who keep a sharp eye on the forum will be given a special password to use for redemption of a special gift for buying the official set when it launches.

It's a pity OnePlus fans in Malaysia have had to wait so long, especially when many have already bought the phone via grey market channels. Though the OnePlus was considered a flagship model last year, its spec sheet are beginning to look a little long in the tooth considering the model has been out for nearly a year and newer, better specced and cheaper phones are already out in the market.

As to availability, OnePlus signed an exclusivity deal with Maxis though it's not known as yet if OnePlus will sell the phone directly from its website as well or via online storefront partnerships with the likes of Lazada.

You can countdown to the official launch day on the new OnePlus Malaysia website though it seems the most action to be had is on the user forums.

[Source: OnePlus]