OnePlus 7T Pro Leaks Reveals Very Little Difference From Its Predecessor

To be fair, it's not surprising

While OnePlus has no official presence in Malaysia, there's no doubt that the OnePlus 7 Pro is one of the best smartphones out there, with great features for a great price. And it comes to no surprise when famous leakster Max J. reveals that the OnePlus 7 is getting their successor with the OnePlus 7T Pro, considering that OnePlus usually introduces a “T-brand” for every OnePlus smartphone after a period of six months. 

But what's different? Based on more leaks from Slashleaks, it looks like the Pro and 7T Pro are pretty much the exact copy of each other and with no other information, it looks like there's not much to look out for. In fact, with the exception of the processor being upgraded to a Snapdragon 855 chip, it's unlikely that the 7T Pro model will have any other upgrades.

There's no official price or launch date either, but from what we can see based on OnePlus smartphone price history, it's bound to cost a little more than then OnePlus 7 Pro with expected starting price to be around USD$700 (~MYR2920). It's also likely to be announced sometime in October and launched in November this year.