One-tap file transfers could make WaferApp your smartphone mainstay

PCs to phones, between iOS and Android, WaferApp promises cross-platform simplicity
One-tap file transfers could make WaferApp your smartphone mainstay

If you could make transferring photos from your PC to your smartphone as easy as a tap, wouldn't that make life easier and save us from searching for that darn cable? WaferApp claims that it has nailed the tech for simple one-click transfers with an app that allows you to select files from your browser and send it to your phone. You could even send photos from an iPhone to an Android phone with just one tap as well.

How does it do that? Well, WaferApp stores your file in the cloud for the short duration needed to transfer it and erases it right after. The mechanism is slightly weird, though. You need to open the WaferApp transfer window on the site, and then bump your phone on your computer's spacebar. What if the computer has a touchscreen keyboard? We advise proceeding with caution.

Simple, hassle-free, wireless

The developers say the RSA 2048 encryption should be able to keep transfers secure and the security mechanism in place will help ensure the files aren't transferred to the wrong device.

What sets this app apart from, say, apps like Bump is its focus on transferring files easily via the Web on any PC. Whether you're on a Mac, running Linux or Windows, so long as you're using a browser on the machine, you can access any phone. Except, maybe, Windows Phones. Sorry.

If you'd like to give the app a whirld, just download the app for free on either Google Play or the App Store.

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[Source: DigitalTrends]