This one-box wonder streams movies, TV and games

Say sayonara to your speakers, set-top box, TV… and spare time.

Give me a reference scale! Quick!

Uh, OK, it’s about the size of a teatime biscuit box. A tall one.

Phew, thanks. I sometimes freak out when I don’t know the size of a thing.

Yeah, the world can be an alarming place. But size is a good place to start talking abou this projector. Within that tabletop footprint is a 900 ANSI lumens projector, a Harmon/Kardon dual-driver speaker system and a quad-core processor running Android OS. In short, then, it’s an Wi-Fi connecting, app-streaming, sound-blasting, home cinema all-in-one.

That wasn’t very ‘in short’.

Well, it’s got a lot going on. The combination of Android and Wi-Fi mean that the Xgimi H1 can stream directly from apps such as Netflix. That neatly solves the main problem of projectors, which is having to run a bunch of cables to it from your Blu-ray player or set-top box.

You can control it using the bundled Bluetooth remote, or via its own app. Speaking of Bluetooth, you can stream games or videos to the H1 it from your phone, or just use it as a Bluetooth speaker.

Ooh, Angry Birds in 4K!

Are you still playing Angry Birds? Wow. But, sad news: no 4K. The Xgimi will accept a 4K stream, but has to downscale it to 1080p. Convergence always has some compromise. Don’t be disheartened though – it’ll still smash out anything from a 40in to a 300in display.

What’s more, it’ll do that – and replace your speakers, and replace your streamy box – for a current Indiegogo funding pledge of US$699 (RM2945). Seems almost too good to be true. We need only wait until December to find out.