OmniVision sets its sights on futuristic eyewear, Google Glass-who?

We could be seeing a whole plethora of wearable tech with the OmniGlass reference design when other makers follow suit
OmniVision OmniGlass

Google got our attention with Project Glass, but is taking its own sweet time getting the device to the masses. Well, OmniVision's decided that future tech can't keep staying in the future and has put out its own reference design, OmniGlass, a template of sorts for other eyewear makers to base their own snazzy eyewear on.

OmniGlass, a template for cool

Basically what OmniVision has done is created a prototype design in OmniGlass. Calling it a complete optical head-mounted display (OHMD), it comes with a HD-capable 4MP autofocus camera and an image processor that supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and onscreen display (OSD) features for augmented reality.

The native resolution of the display would be a fairly impressive 1280 x 720, with built-in keystone correction, frame rate conversion, video input scaling and even accepts data from three different signal input. OmniVision says that the prototype will have very low power consumption without needing external memory or an image processor.

Production for mass-market versions isn't likely till 2014, though, but in the meantime it looks like wearable tech might soon be as ubiquitous as very large smartphones.