Om Nom the movie is real and bound to be disgustingly cute

We fully expect a movie tie-up accompanying app

How did a game with a name like Cut The Rope become an international sensation? You can thank its ridiculously cute mascot Om Nom. The little guy is so cute, there's a movie about him in the works.

Another SpongeBob in the making?

The film is set to debut late 2016 and what is there to expect? We're guessing cuteness and, well, more cuteness. ZeptoLab, the app's maker is working with Blockade Entertainment to make the film titled, of course, Om Nom.

As to the synopsis, it reads a lot like the typical kiddie coming-of-age story: "Along the way, Evan and Om Nom will discover the importance of trust and patience, and how life's accidents can sometimes lead to incredible discoveries and unforgettable moments." Citizen Kane it isn't but who knows? It might just end up being entertaining and not terrible. We live in hope.