Older iPhones (slightly) cheaper on Apple Store Malaysia

Original Apple Watch, iPads also get slight discounts

As always, after a major launch, the products on the Apple Malaysia storefront will get some tweaks to their prices: the older iPhone models, the first-gen Apple Watch and current iPad line are now slightly cheaper.

Discounts from RM100 - RM300

For the Apple Watch, the original series now starts from RM1119. However some watch band sizes are not available on old models; for instance, the rose gold with midnight blue Sport Band only comes in the 42mm size. You can't purchase them online as yet either.

Tip: Local Malaysian Apple resellers have been attempting to clear stocks of the first-gen smartwatches so look around and you might get a deal or two.

If you've been waiting for a price drop for older models, the good news is that the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE are now slightly cheaper. The iPhone 6, however, has disappeared from the storefront. The 16GB and 64GB models of the iPhone 6s range are no longer available, with your choice now only between the 32GB (RM2699) and the 128GB (RM3199). At the moment the 32GB seems to be unavailable.

As for the iPad range, the 16GB and 64GB capacities are also missing with 32GB being the new minimum storage for all the models, including the older iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 and iPad Mini 2. People who bought iPads just before the announcement might be unhappy as prices have dropped and base storage increased but if you have been planning on getting one, now might be a good time. It's unlikely there'll be a refresh of the iPad line so soon.

For those who find the iPhone 7 a little expensive, at least there're other options in the Apple Store to lighten your collective wallets.