OD-11 cloud speaker to play nice with Spotify and AirPlay

Think this cube speaker looks familiar? You’re not wrong…
OD-11 cloud speaker to play nice with Spotify and AirPlay

I feel like I’ve seen this speaker before…You may have, especially if you’ve spent any time in Sweden. The 2014 OD-11 is a modern day reworking of Stig Carlsson’s original, first released way back in 1974.

So this is a 40-year-old speaker?Nope. Well, the exterior is the same – and we think you can agree that the design is distinctly timeless – as is the “ortho acoustic” construction, which directs sound upwards, towards the ceiling. This widens the sweet spot, allowing you to wander around your room without losing optimum audio quality.

The OD-11's hockey puck remote control

But what’s new?There’s a new 100W analogue amplifier inside, but perhaps more interesting is the built-in Wi-Fi and compatibility with cloud-based streaming services. Spotify Connect is one – and the company say others will be supported. The OD-11’s firmware is fully upgradeable via Wi-Fi, you see.

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The OD-11's design is 40 years old but still glorious

So only Spotify works?The speaker is also fully AirPlay compatible at launch, so music kept on iOS devices and any computer running iTunes should be playable too.

Can I buy one?From 18th July, the OD-11 will be available in the US, priced at US$899 (RM2900). You’ll be able to buy it at New York’s two MoMA Design Stores, or online via teenageengineering.com