Nvidia's Gaming On The Go, Finally!

The Nvidia Shield might have missed its shipping date, but it's definitely on its way

Better late then never right? After a delay due  to "technical difficulties", as Nvidia puts it,  the company has finally announced that their portable gaming console is finally shipping to their pre-order customers at the end of the month – 31 July.


The Tegra 4 equipped platform was supposed to be shipped out in late June, but has since been revised to the new date. Originally codenamed Project Shield, the portable console lets you play Android games,  stream Steam games from your PC to its five inch screen, or output it to a 4K display screen.

With the Ouya already out and the expectations of a Playstation 4 and Xbox One release, it seems like the gaming scene is in for some interesting developments in the next few months. 

[Nvidia Blog via Engadget