NVIDIA Announces Budget-Friendly GTX 1650 Graphic Card

A worthy and powerful successor to the GTX 950 and GTX 1050

If the GTX 1660 and 1660 Ti is a bit rough on your wallet, you’ll be glad to know that NVIDIA has recently announced the GeForce GTX 1650 GPU which is retailing at only USD 149 (~MYR 615).

The GTX 1650 is based on NVIDIA’s new Turing architecture and uses the TU117 GPU which the company claims to have a higher performance compared to the GTX 950 and GTX 1050. While it does support some Turing features, the GTX 1650 does not support hardware accelerated ray tracing technology, which is the current fad in graphics nowadays.

The graphics card is now available from OEMs such as ASUS, EVGA, Zotac, Gigabyte, and MSI. At the same time, NVIDIA also announced over 80 gaming laptops powered by GTX 1660 Ti and 1650 GPUs that are coming to the market, starting at USD 799 (~MYR 3,300).

You can check out the list of GTX 1660 Ti laptops here, and GTX 1650 laptops here.