NTT Docomo wants you to take your SIM out of your phone, now

No fiddling with SIM sizes, just take your one SIM out to connect to other devices
NTT Docomo wants you to take your SIM out of your phone, now

You want to use your SIM with another device but taking it out is a pain/it's the wrong size? Well, NTT Docomo has a brilliant idea - just carry your SIM around and wirelessly use it with whatever devices you want. 

The company calls their device the, wait for it, Portable SIM. Eventually the company hopes it will replace standard SIM cards in smartphones and tablets. The device, which looks like one of those USB external SD card readers, will have all your subscriber information securely stored on it. Currently still at prototype stage, you can't as yet use one with existing phones or tablets.

But the company sees a future for this mobile SIM in one particularly hot segment: wearable tech.

One SIM to connect to all

NTT Docomo wants you to take your SIM out of your phone, now

The Portable SIM will have both Bluetooth and NFC and what you need to do is just wave it next to a device of your choice, transmitting your details over to the device. No more getting your SIM card stuck or breaking a phone back cover! 

As it relies on Bluetooth, the number on the phone is locked on once you break the connection. You can also use the SIM to store ID and passwords. But this does lead to questions as to how safe you feel keeping that all on such a small, mobile device. On hindsight, that's a lot like our current smartphones anyway.

NTT Docomo hopes to eventually shrink the prototype's size to make it even more portable, perhaps embedding it into cooler-looking wearable tech. 

The prototype is going to be on show at the Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai happening this week.

Wonder what Samsung has to say about this considering it is purportedly working on its own watchphone.

[Source: NTT Docomo via Engadget]