Now everyone can use Facebook's Messenger without Facebook

Have leery friends unwilling to surrender their private lives to Facebook? This might just be the thing for them

It seems strange that despite already owning WhatsApp, Facebook is putting so much effort into its Facebook Messenger app. It has now uncoupled the app from Facebook, allowing anyone with a phone number to use Messenger without needing to signup for Facebook.

A surprising move but perhaps it's a way of making Messenger a gateway to Facebook or an alternative moneymaking messaging platform as WhatsApp isn't quite working out yet.

The feature has just rolled out in Canada, the United States, Peru and Venezuela. Starting up the app will just see Messenger greeting you with "Not on Facebook?" and then letting you sign up with your name, phone number and a photo.

There's no word when the feature will be added to other countries but we're betting it'll be soon if Facebook's aggressive push of its Messenger app is any indication.

[Source: Facebook]