Nothing says bling bling like a 15-carat diamond Apple Watch

Forget rubber when you can have rose gold and enough diamonds to blind you
The iWatch isn't out yet but you can order a 15-carat diamond version

Say it with diamonds, they said. Well, we're not sure what you are saying if you present someone with a 15-carat diamond rose gold Apple Watch.

But jeweller Mervis Diamonds thinks someone will like what they call the "Diamond iWatch". Yes, we know it should be called Diamond Apple Watch, but iWatch sounds so much more hipster.

Five figures of absolute decadence

The iWatch isn't out yet but you can order a 15-carat diamond version

At present time, it seems Mervis is the first to officially offer up the Apple Watch for preorder in any kind of form. We're not exactly sure why having eight rows of diamonds would make your Apple product any better, unless you really, really like diamonds.

The price is a massive US$30,150 (RM105,321) which could buy you every product in the Apple store outside of the Mac Pro and still have change. Don't fancy rose gold? Then order it in white gold or that solid alternative, platinum.

As for the delivery date, it is slated around June 2015 and that makes it a safe bet that the non-diamond encrusted versions will probably be available around that time too. Or you could just go for a stainless steel version which is much, much cheaper.

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[Source: Luxurylaunches]