Not an 'uncle' car: Mercedes' hot new hatch

Mercedes launches a new A-Class targeted at a younger demographic

Hip and young? Not the words that make you think 'Mercedes'. Mercs have always been associated with the more well-to-do “uncles”. After all, they are the traditional car of choice of the successful businessman but Mercedes aims to change that with their new A-Class, complete with a new tag line: "The Pulse of a New Generation". 

Not your typical "uncle" car

Taglines aside, we admit this five-seater, compact segment car isn’t your typical “uncle” Mercedes. With a sporty exterior and the fact that it’s a hot hatch shows that Mercedes is trying to attract new customers - especially younger ones - into the fold. Malaysia will be getting two variants of the A-Class, the A 200 BlueEFFICIENCY and the A 250 Sport.

Both variants share some similar features like the 7G-DCT dual-clutch automatic transmission with seven forward gears and one reverse gear that combines comfort, sportiness and economy. The preselectable programmes, “Economy”, “Sport” and “Manual” can be set via a switch on the centre console. They also have the same entertainment system, an Audio 20 CD changer that comes with a 14 inch TFT display, Bluetooth, six disc CD changer integrated into the headunit and a pretty nifty speed sensitive volume control that increases the volume gradually from 20km/h. There’s also the active parking assist function, similar to the ones found in the Ford Focus, hill start assist, a brake hold function, a collision prevention assist and reverse camera.