This is not a drill: Do not follow this iPhone 7 headphone jack "hack"

People might have been destroying their phones thanks to this YouTube video

In today’s episode of What’s Wrong with the World, people have apparently been successfully trolled by a YouTube video tutorial. 

While we know people haven't been crazy about the lack of a jack on the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, please do not be crazy enough to do this. 

Created by TechRax, the Secret Hack to get Headphone Jack on an iPhone 7 video shows him drilling a hole into the phone to create a headphone jack. The video ends with him plugging a pair of earphones into the home that does not belong and playing some music, which is evidently coming from the speakers. But as the comment section of the YouTube video shows - not enough people got that, unfortunately.

While there isn’t an actual speaker behind that new grille, that headphone jack-abandoned space has been taken up by a barometric vent. This allows the new iPhone to more accurately measure altitude, say when you’re climbing up stairs. According to iFixit, the space is also utilised by the Taptic Engine that’s gained new Home button responsibilities, which we guess the vlogger’s isn’t in working order anymore.

Ah TechRax, what a real jacka**.

(In case it isn't immediately clear, please do not try this at home.) 

Source: The Guardian