Not-A-Camera is a 2D wooden camera that actually works

It might not be a DSLR but for the novelty factor (and lack of bulk), this camera is pretty fun
2D wooden camera that actually works

A camera that doesn't look like a real camera: say hello to the Not-A-Camera camera.

What you see is a 2D flat wooden cutout on a chain that looks like something a hipster would wear in an attempt at irony. But what you get is a cleverly hidden camera mechanism which is good enough for street photography or fun candids.

Olivia Barr came up with the idea for a Not-A-Camera to “bring conceptually driven fashion to tech wearable cameras.” In essence, bringing a new dimension of aesthetics to traditionally very staid camera designs. Originally, though, Barr designed the camera for her 101-year-old grandmother to give her something light enough to carry without being too difficult to use.

Clever or a pretty toy?

2D wooden camera that actually works

The camera is lasercut out of walnut wood, manufactured in China. Despite its looks the camera does manage to take not just pictures, but HD video and 3.5MB JPGs. What lies inside the slim chassis? The dissambled PCB from an 808 spy camera board, with attached extension wires. Also attached is a gunmetal chain that you can easily wear around your neck.

Barr hopes to get enough funding to eventually partially-produce the Not-A-Camera in the US.

She has even created a Tumblr account to showcase just how much you could manage on this camera that does not quite look like a real camera.

For selfie-lovers, Barr even has a mirrored version to make taking pictures of your own mug relatively easy.

For one of your own, go to Barr's Etsy page. It'll just set you back US$150 (RM490)

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