Nostalgic, old-school gaming with 2,334 MS-DOS gaming options

The Internet Archive's Living Room is now much bigger with the addition of a whole bunch of new games
Nostalgic, old-school gaming with 2,334 MS-DOS gaming options

Remember when we mentioned the Internet Archive had now created a virtual Living Room for old-school entertainment? Well, it's gotten a major boost with 2,334 MS-DOS games and the best bit is you can enjoy a trip to Memory Lane from within the comforts of your favourite browser.

What's the big deal, some of you might wonder. Seeing how is doing well selling older, classic games, doubtless there will be many of those who would like the Atari or Sega experience without having to find a working old ancient console.

Virtual arcades, anyone?

Nostalgic, old-school gaming with 2,334 MS-DOS gaming options

While there are a ton of games to try out, there's one caveat - the games may, or may not work. Think a faster computer would mean faster loading times? Not necessarily with these older games - running in an emulator does not mean it may run smoothly on your specific machine.

A test with that old fighter chestnut Total Carnage displayed the title screen, followed by a black screen and some music but nothing else. The Dune 2 - Building of a Dynasty attempt was more successful though you would need to be patient with the slow loading intro screens.

Still, with over 2,000 options it's still leaving you spoiled for choice and being able to run them on your browser means distractions are but an Alt-Tab away. Just remember to mute the sound or keep the headphones on if you don't want to get caught out.

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[Source: ArsTechnica]