North Korean smartphones? 3 other DPRK gadgets you never knew existed

The DPRK has apparently released its first smartphone. To celebrate, we check out other gadgets to come out of the hermit state

So it was recently reported that North Korea, or rather the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) as they’d rather be known, has produced its very first smartphone. It's called the Arirang AS1201. Little else is known about it except that it runs on the Android platform. Don’t be surprised, though. This isn’t the first supposedly homegrown gadget the hermit state has produced. Here are some other gadgets that North Korea has supposedly made in-house.

[Image Source: GSM Insider]

The Samjiyon Tablet

This 7-inch Android powered tablet looks pretty good for something that came out of a country more known for Nuclear weapons than consumer goods. Its specs are pretty decent as well. It has a 1.2GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM and either 8GB or 16GB of storage. There’s a cool HD screen and a two-megapixel camera. Don’t expect any connectivity from this slate, though - it has no WiFi and has been hardwired to only access North Korea’s broadcast stations. But guess what? It does have Angry Birds. Yep, this nifty piece of kit comes with a Korean language version of the badboy bird-'em-up.

The DPRK Laptop

These laptops looked like they came out of the 90s. Actually they were bult in 2011. Then there were two models - one for education purposes and another one for office use. There was also a PC launched at the same time that could be hooked up to a TV. Suspicious similarities between the DPRK notebooks and the Sylvania brand of laptops were noted, though, which actually makes you question whether or not it was "made in North Korea" after all.


A PDA is pretty old school and long been displaced by smartphones. In the DPRK however, a PDA might just be the height of all consumer tech for the citizens - well at least back in 2010. This PDA was as basic as you could get: no Bluetooth, no WiFI, no GPS, nada. At US$140 per device, that’s pretty pricey for not a lot. Even more so when you consider the average DPRK wage is about US$16 a month. 

[Source: North Korea Tech]