Non-discriminatory LMcable will charge both your iOS and Android devices

This is the one charging cable to rule them all

Hate carrying a load of different cables around for your charging needs? We feel your pain.

Thankfully, there exists a charging cable that’s as non-judgemental as you are. 

LMcable has somehow combined both Lightning and micro USB into one miraculous do-it-all connector. Unlike other two-in-one cables, you won’t need to switch out any adaptors and lose the fiddly parts in the process. The LMcable works as it is.

Connect it to any iOS device as you would with the Lightning cable then flip it over to hook up any microUSB-utilising Android device. The only downside is you can’t plug it in in any direction like you would with the normal Lightning cable, but that’s a small price to pay for an integrated product.

You can also expect that they don’t fray or tangle as easy as Apple’s Lightning cables as they’re wrapped in either leather or what looks like fabric. Using tin-plated copper wires, they support both 2.4A fast charging and data transfers. If only USB-C was integrated somehow too, but we’re just being greedy.

Get one for yourself over at Kickstarter. At present, you will need to fork out AU$21 (RM63) to get one of four different designs, but having to carry only one cable around is totally worth it.