Nokia’s Refocus camera app is now available to all Lumia owners with WP8

You read that right. It's not a feature that’s just restricted to the Lumia PureView phones
Rejoice Lumia owners; Nokia’s Refocus camera app is now available to all of you

We all know the Nokia Lumia PureView phones have some of the best camera sensors.

That’s not all they have though, some of the apps bundled with the smartphone are pretty top notch too. Refocus, the app that lets you shoot now, focus later, is just one of them. Too bad it's only available to Lumia devices with PureView technology.

Till now.

Turns out, the app isn't hardware dependent at all. Nokia has rolled out Refocus to all Lumia devices. The caveat? Your Lumia phone must be running Windows Phone 8. So it doesn’t matter if your Lumia doesn’t have a top-of-a-line sensor, since most of the work done is pretty much software dependent.

Is it magic? Hardly, since it uses a technique called “focus sweep”. The app uses the camera to scan the scenes ahead at a range of different focal lengths. Then it combines all the images into a single dynamic image, allowing you to adjust the focus after you take the photo. Obviously, you’ll have to hold your camera steady for a few seconds to make this work.

But, no matter how awesome the feature is, It still won't get you a World Press Photograhy award if you don't have an eye for photography.

Source: Nokia Conversations