Nokia officially enters fitness-tracking game with Withings purchase

It looks like the company might try to take on the likes of Fitbit instead of gunning for the smartphone market

Nokia's back with a new announcement: it just bought over health-centric consumer electronics maker Withings. It's certainly not the announcement some have hoped for, but with health tracking devices becoming commonplace perhaps this is Nokia's attempt to get back into the electronics game.

Withings is perhaps best known for its first product: its Wi-Fi enabled scale that has probably spawned a dozen copycat versions. Since then, it's come up with other devices, all connected to its specialised health monitoring platform. These include activity trackers, weighing scales, thermometers, blood pressure monitors, as well as home and baby monitors.

Most interesting is the mention in the press release that Withings will be part of the Nokia Technologies business, thus signalling that the company is moving forward with tech hardware after ceding its smartphone division to Microsoft.

The company hasn't had the greatest successes at buying other digital platforms and integrating them into its business - case in point being its Here maps, that it sold off to Audi, BMW and Mercedes. 

Still, perhaps Nokia's backing might be the push Withings needs to more effectively compete against more visible brands in the fitness-tracking space, such as Fitbit and Jawbone.

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[Source: Nokia]