Nokia making its offline, free maps available for iOS and Android

Once, the company was the king of mobile maps until Google came along
Nokia making its offline, free maps available for iOS and Android

Nokia thinks you deserve better maps. So it's giving them to you, free, even if you're on iOS and Android and not on the Windows Phone platform. Before Google came to dominate the free maps navigation space, Nokia Maps ruled the featurephone space. It purchased Navteq years ago, in a bid to make their maps the best you could get on mobile. And then Google came along.

If you can't sell them, perhaps the answer is to give them for free to consumers but make the corporations pay for them.

No ads, too

The apps for iOS and Android are due out by the end of the year and there will be no ads. That is pretty interesting but then Nokia's mapping platform still makes some money through fees from automakers and names like Amazon and FedEx.

Nokia is also sniffy about Google's Maps, claiming they haven't really changed much at all. The new Nokia Maps, for instance, will offer full map downloads as well as search that is usable even without an Internet connection.

With more users, there is also a good opportunity to get useful feedback that could improve Nokia's location engine. Also in the works is a deal with Samsung to make mapping applications for its constantly-delayed new Tizen operating systems.

What is certain though is that Nokia does have access to maps that are far superior to Apple's and years of experience in making offline maps for phones. We'll just have to see if Nokia can finally reclaim its map superiority in the smartphone space.

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