The Nokia Lumia 1320 finally hits Malaysia

The budget six inch Finnish giant hits the market 17th Jan
The Nokia Lumia 1320 finally hits Malaysia

Nokia attempts to hit the sweet spot in consumer want with the Lumia 1320, featuring most of the goodies of its big bro the Lumia 1520 but at a more manageable pricepoint.

Cheap but not cheapened

At borderline phablet size, the Lumia 1320 is six inches large, and the Windows phone has most of the features that made the Lumia 1520 a hit, including its telltale colourful styling and apps.

Essentially it’s still somewhat a downgrade from the Lumia 1520, with a lesser camera at 5 megapixels, 1GB of RAM and sporting a dual core 1.7GHz Snapdragon processor. The Lumia 1320, however, has an IPS screen, but it disappointingly isn’t 1080p, coming in with only 1280x720 pixels. You also get 8GB of internal storage with an extra 7GB free Skydrive storage.

Despite the downgrade, the smartphone is competitively up to par with other phones of its pricepoint. How  the public will take to its candy coloured goodness is anyone’s guess.

The Nokia Lumia 1320 will be priced at RM 1199 and available from January 17th onwards in the Klang valley, while availability nationwide will come a week after.