Nokia-inspired Newkia wants to sell you simpler smartphones

Former Nokia APAC boss believes he can make Android Nokia phones real
Nokia-inspired Newkia wants to sell you simpler smartphones

Remember when Nokia fans mused that a phone with Nokia's hardware and Android's software would be a dream come true? Well the dream is alive, even after Microsoft bought over Nokia's phone business as a 'new Nokia' has emerged. It's even called 'Newkia'. (Yes, we were checking The Onion too)

The man behind this is ex-Nokia APAC chief Fin Thomas Zilliacus, who is currently based in Singapore. He'd tried to get backing to buy over Nokia but couldn't get enough investors.

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Nokia reborn

Nokia-inspired Newkia wants to sell you simpler smartphones

Zilliacus says that the brand would launch within a year and would be targetting emerging markets in Asia.

What would a Newkia phone bring to the table? Zilliacus told website Mumbrella that it would be built on what made Nokia great "user-friendly, durable and with a long battery life."

While he was cagey on the details, he did confirm the phones would run Androids and would be smartphones, not the basic feature phones such as the Nokia Asha.

Newkia phones would also be built around key features and not be too complex to use. The devices would also, Zilliacus assured, look different from Nokia phones while yet sharing the same familiar experience.

Zilliacus also said the phones would not be bargain basement cheap phones but rather high-end phones with low-end pricing. They would also be designed in Finland by former Nokia talents, though manufacturing would be done in Asia.

Still, don't be looking for the Newkia phones to come out soon as Zilliacus had also claimed that they would be out within a year from September 2013. Markets that would see Newkia? South and Southeast Asia, but not China as yet due to its being a market that was hard to get in.

With Microsoft fazing out the Nokia name by replacing it with Lumia branding, perhaps Newkia would win fans among the more nostalgic crowd. Let's just see if it can, in any way challenge the current king of cheap high-end marvels, Xiaomi.

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