No Windows 7 for you, Apple tells Boot Camp users

Apple quietly drops support for Windows 7 in its latest Boot Camp update

Apple's introduction of Boot Camp meant one less excuse for people not to buy a Mac, though Apple has made a point of only supporting current versions of Windows. So if you, for some reason, want to install Windows Vista on a new Mac, it's not going to happen. The latest Windows version to be phased out of Apple's support is Windows 7 so for the holdouts who refuse to go near Windows 8, sorry.

Virtualisation still an option

What computers are affected? The new Macbook Air and MacBook Pro machines, which will now be non-Windows 7 compatible.  The news was released on Apple's support site on March 10, without a lot of fanfare.

With virtualisation software such as the popular Parallels Desktop, Windows 7 users won't be left totally in the lurch. With Windows 10 being a free download, even for pirates, there really shouldn't be any excuse for anyone to hold on to the aging Windows 7 especially since Microsoft will soon hold off on updates and support.

[Source: The Register]