No games console needed: Philips' 55in 4K TV is powered by Android

Console, TV, streamer and more, this huge Google screen will make jaws hit the floor
This 55in 4K TV is pixel-packed and powered by Android

4K? Yep. Ultra High Definition. More pixel packed than 1080p at 3840 x 2160 pixels. Your eyes won't know what's hi them.

I had no idea Sky and Freeview broadcasted in 4K!Sadly, they don't. And won't for a while yet. Admittedly, 4K content is very thin on the ground at the moment, but you could always jump on board the expensive early adopter bandwagon. 

Plus, there's another, very compelling reason to drain your child's college fund to snap up a Philips 8800 series telly. Android.

This 55in 4K TV is pixel-packed and powered by Android

Android?That's right. The Philips 8000 series models are the first to land in MY running Google's OS, which means full Play Store access. Powered by a hexa-core processor, your TV becomes a games console, media streamer and web browser, all rolled into one neat package.

Impressive stuff. Anything else?You bet. An integrated camera can measure how far you are from the screen so that sharpness can be adjusted accordingly, and Philips' four-sided Ambilight tech is also thrown in for room-filling colour immersion. Chuck in voice and gesture control, and you'll have the smartest TV on the block.

Is there any point asking how much it is?Nope. No official prices have been released, but we're betting your bank account isn't going to like it one bit. It'll be out in 'the second quarter' of this year, which translates to anywhere between April and June, but an MY release has yet to be confirmed.