No Flappy Bird? Don't worry, there's still Flappy Doge

Wow. Much flap. Very exact replica. Many thanks
No Flappy Bird? Don't worry, there's still Flappy Doge

Awww, did you forget to download Flappy Bird onto your smartphone before it got pulled off the App Store and Play Store? Tough luck, buddy. Here’s our quick fix for you - Flappy Doge.

The unbelievably cute shiba inu featured in the viral doge memes is rehashed into an 8-bit character, complete with a flapping tail and puppy eyes that’ll make you swoon.

The doggone web browser game is just as challenging as Dong Nguyen’s version. You’ll need to navigate Flappy Doge between pipes that look like they were ripped off from Super Mario Bros. Good news, it's also free-to-play and there are no distracting ads.

Still insist on torturing yourself with Flappy Bird because you want to be fair to its creator? You can probably download the APK file from the wild. Just be careful of what you download from the Internet before you install it into your Android phone.

Wow. Much complicated? Very easy. Play Flappy Doge. Many welcome.

[Source: Flappy Doge via The Verge]