No excuse not to kill dragons now that Dragon Age:Origins is free

Dragon Age: Inquisition is already one of the hottest games for this year-end but giving away the original isn't a bad promo policy
No excuse not to kill dragons now that Dragon Age:Origins is free

EA's Origin game platform might still get a lot of flak but its frequent game giveaways has endeared it somewhat to gamers who would have initially avoided it. Now its latest freebie is a modern fantasy RPG classic - Dragon Age:Origins. The latest iteration of the Dragon Age franchise, Dragon Age:Inqusition is dropping next month after being delayed so it makes sense that EA wants to build the hype and encourage preorders by giving the original away.


Dragons more fun to kill than Skyrim

No excuse not to kill dragons now that Dragon Age:Origins is free

Not to knock Skyrim but Dragon Age:Origins made killing dragons a big deal, something that required careful thought, strategising and care about party composition. Skyrim made it all about just the protagonist and, seriously, running away from random dragons falling from the sky got old real fast.

The game is plagued by annoyances like long loading times and the turn-based combat system that allows for a hundred, thousand pauses might not appeal to those who prefer a faster, fluid game experience. Still, it had one of the better game worlds with the kind of writing you would expect from a Bioware game - strong NPCs, engaging storylines and the ability mod the game to create the in-game experience you desired.

While Dragon Age 2 was, by all accounts, a disappointment, the upcoming Dragon Age:Inquisition looks like it will pick up where Dragon Age 2 left off while bringing back the stronger stories and polish the first one had. If you like fantasy RPGs at all, then Dragon Age:Origins is a must pick up especially now it's free.

There's no telling how long the game will be free so our advice is to pick it up while you still can.

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