No excuse not to bring along this super-compact Kickstarter multitool

This little device will take much less space than a set of screwdrivers

When it comes to multitool devices, most think of the ever-trusty Swiss Army Knife. But the problem with that tool is that sometimes you don't want to be carrying a knife so much as you just want something that'll help with opening bottles and loosening screws. Then there's the matter of travelling on planes with one. Machine Era's Kickstarter multitool is unobtrusive, light and very easy to add to your keychain without the TSA grilling you too much.

No sharp blades here

What do you get in this little device? A flathead and Phillips head screwdriver, bottle opener, pry wedge, and ruler with markings on a 2.5-centimeter rule and a 1-inch one. Pretty ingenius that it's all fit into one very compact little device that, most importantly, doesn't look too dangerous.

Even more impressive is that the multitool is created from a single piece of 6al-4v titanium. Very elegant, very compact, very handy. It's not too expensive either at the Kickstarter price of US$32. Pay twice that and you'll get two or you can choose to pay US$50 to get one multitool and a gunmetal wallet.

There's only three days left for the Kickstarter so go ahead and get one of these if you'd like to leave your Swiss Army Knife at home.

[Source: Kickstarter via Boingboing]